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This course contains a number of lessons that will walk you through all the various tasks that you will need to get ready for the start of the new trimester.

This course assists the student through the transition from the classroom to the clinical environment by introducing the patient care and record-keeping procedures of University Health Services. Web site resources augment lecture and small group discussion sessions covering all aspects of documentation and the clinic procedures students will follow during their initial patient care experiences in the subsequent term. Note: This course is required the trimester immediately prior to enrolling in Clinical Internship 1.

This course is designed to introduce you to the psychological study of sex and gender. Topics will include: what it means to be a male or a female in our society and other societies around the world; how gender develops over the life span; how gender shapes our lives and how the social world shapes our construction of gender; how similar and different males and females are across a number of domains; and how culture, religion, and the media shape and reinforce ideas about gender.